Electronic Hookah

The Hoosh eHead is more than just a vaporizer head for your shisha – it is the new level of innovation and enjoyment in shisha smoking. With an elegant and modern design and easy operation and handling that take both home and hospitality use to a new level, the Hoosh eHead offers an unparalleled experience for shisha enthusiasts and beginners.

The bowl combines tradition and modernity and is in no way inferior to classic shisha smoking. The option of using the bowl with or without water in the bowl allows for flexible use as desired. The full flavor is achieved without tobacco, coal or carbon monoxide.
This means there is no need to light charcoal, which eliminates any risk of fire or injury from burning or falling charcoal. Preparation is quick and easy and can be done in just a few steps. Simply screw in the pod, put the eHead on a bowl and enjoy without any additional risks.
By simply screwing in the 8ml prefilled pods, the 7 delicious flavors can be changed quickly and easily. The ePods therefore offer a wide range of options that appeal to both classic shisha smokers and vapers.

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