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The Hoosh eHead is more than just a vaporizer head for your shisha – it is the new level of innovation and enjoyment in shisha smoking. With an elegant and modern design and easy operation and handling that take both home and hospitality use to a new level, the Hoosh eHead offers an unparalleled experience for shisha enthusiasts and beginners.

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Features of the E-Head E-Shisha Head – HOOSH

The Hoosh eHead has an integrated 4000 mAh battery and works in a variable power range from 5W to 60W, which can be adjusted to the desired power at any time using the + and – buttons on the top of the device. It is conveniently charged with 5V/1A via USB-C.
The vaporizer is equipped with all typical protective electronics to ensure safe and reliable use. A timer function in 15-minute increments (from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes) also makes the head ideal for use in the catering industry.
Overall, the Hoosh eHead offers a unique combination of modern design, innovative features and an authentic shisha experience that is equally impressive for both beginners and experienced shisha enthusiasts.
  •         Elegant and modern design
  •         Suitable for home use and catering
  •         Can be used with or without water in the bowl
  •         No tobacco, coal or carbon monoxide for full flavor
  •         Simply insert the pod, put the eHead on the bowl and get started
  •         Quick and easy change of the 7 delicious flavors
  •         Customizable LED ring color for individual steam enjoyment
  •         Password protection for preselected settings
  •         Leak-free use thanks to dense pods
  •         Versatile application on any shisha bowl (adapter included)
  •         Variable power range from 5W to 60W with + and – buttons
  •         Integrated 4000 mAh battery with USB-C charging (5V/1A)
  •         Equipped with typical protective electronics for safe use
  •         Timer function for catering use (15-minute increments from 15 to 90 minutes)
  •         Combination of modern functionality and authentic shisha experience

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